Wadi Rum Jordan a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A Wadi Rum Bedouin man petting a baby goat

Wadi Rum, Jordan is 74,200 hectares of protected, spectacular, desert landscape, yet the desert isn’t deserted but is rich in culture and history. True eye-candy; towering eroded cliffs look like sponge toffee, but within their crevices and gorges they contain a treasure of petroglyphs. Wadi Rum is dotted with curious creature-like sandstone formations, soft red dunes, and gigantic natural rock arches to explore.

As beautiful as the landscape are the Bedouins who lead travellers on Wadi Rum tours. They’re quick to laugh, break into spontaneous song, fill your cup with sweet tea imbued with mint, leap over sand dunes, and share stories around the campfire in their goat hair tents.

If you’ve ever wished you could go back in time, staying at a Bedouin camp in the wilds of Wadi Rum might be as close as you can get to time travel in your lifetime. And chances are you’ll see a shooting star (or two or three) in the clear night skies over your tent, so you can make a brand new wish.

A camel caravan in Wadi Rum


post and photos by Kirsten Koza, author, adventurer, journalist


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