Jordan is the best kept secret!

At Amman airport

You know when you find all those months of putting leftover cash away for a holiday getaway only to see the day to take off come up and still no plan in mind? That’s where I found myself this past spring. One of my friends who is a huge travel nut recommended I take a tour around Jordan.

Jordan, wow. Like on the other side of the world Jordan? Sure, I thought, why not? It’s not like I have anywhere else on the plate, right? A quick web search on tours in Jordan was all I needed to see that a holiday there would be one well worth it. It might be a small country, but you have tours going to must-see places like the mountainous desert of Wadi Rum and the ancient city of Petra.

A couple weeks later and there I was, at the airport in my sandals, shorts and a light bag of all the necessities. While the weather is perfect, the sun is out everyday and you will need sunscreen! My Jordan holiday was one to remember, but not one and only to remember, I still have much to see. That’s another thing they don’t tell you: Jordan is FULL of sights and activities that would need a good month of exploring and Red Bull.


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