Romantic Petra

Petra at night

There’s something up with that ancient ruby red sandstone city and I can’t get enough of it. When you walk through for the first time, you don’t know what to expect or where anything is. It – Petra – happens to you. As you walk through its narrow canyons into the different parts of the city, you wander in awe as to how this ancient civilisation built such an artful and intricate city.

Petra's treasury monument first glimpse
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And there are literally hundreds of caves scattered throughout the entire city that people still lived in up until not so long ago. The guides at Terhaal took me to a number of lesser known areas in and around Petra that was truly special. My wife and I were captivated by everything we saw, from all the mindful architecture to the amazing mountaintop views that gave us perspective on where we stand among this ancient puzzle of a city.

Caves of Petra Jordan


But the best part was the hike through the city at night — alongside candles! The way the firelight hits the red sandstone changes the face of the city 180 degrees. I booked a classical tour this time and got to see all this. Impressive!

Petra by night tour


Story and photos by Martha Conrad


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