My “terhaal” with Terhaal

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I started off my career as a tour guide not knowing exactly what was waiting for me in the tourism realm of Jordan. Being born in Jerash, I was naturally, and at a very young age, well acquainted with the historical and cultural touristic aspects of my own country. Jerash, or Gerasa, had been my playground for a good portion of my childhood, and it had rightfully claimed the best preserved wholesome Roman provincial town yet excavated!

My encounter with Terhaal, the tour operator, came a few years into my career when a good friend and colleague tour guide introduced me to the guys at the Amman office. To be honest, back then I hadn’t a clear Idea what exactly it was I was getting myself into, but a few trips in I had become addicted! And ever since we’ve became friends.

Jordan Tour Guide

I found myself leading a group of open minded, curious, adventure loving, all together wonderful people from different parts of the world, through the virgin quarters of my country. Quarters that really came as a surprise to me in the beginning, and still, till today never seize to amaze me every moment: valleys cutting through rigid granite rock formations, springs and streams in the middle of seemingly nowhere, the most alien rock formations of sandstone and stretching vistas onto biblical land. And that’s just not being specific.

Jordan Tour Guide

Above all, what has sincerely got me addicted to these treks in the Jordanian wild besides its natural beauty, is the human element of the treks and tours I guide: the conversations around the camp fire exchanging culture and life views, sharing my perspective and getting the chance to listen to the world’s!

Terhaal, towards much terhaal together.

P.s. Terhaal means “to be in a state of constant travel” in Arabic and refers specifically to the nomadic lifestyle of Bedouin Arabs.

Jordan Tour Guide

Story and photos by Nader Saleh, Jordanian tour guide, adventurer 



  1. Rakan
    July 6th

    Thanks for sharing this post, Nader. We are lucky to have you as part of our family. All the best to you!

  2. Rakan
    July 6th

    Nader, thanks for writing this. We are lucky to you as part of the Terhaal family. All the best to you!

  3. Dina
    July 6th

    Beautifully said Nader.. Terhaal is very lucky to have an amazing tour guide like you. When a person is passionate about what they do there is no limit to the success they achieve. You are the person to be with for anyone looking to have a good fun time, wonderful company and great conversations.

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