My family holiday experience in Wadi Rum Jordan

Jordan Family Holiday

Last spring, we took our four year old daughter and joined a group of three Belgian families in Wadi Rum Jordan. “Why Belgian?” you may ask. Well, one of the families owns a tour operator who specialize in family holidays and we have just started working together in Jordan.

So, I thought, joining them with my family on their adventure in Wadi Rum desert must be the best way to really get to know each other and have a first-hand insight on the Jordan family holiday we are creating together. Afterall, what can be a better meeting set up than being under the open sky, in a beautiful desert, around a cozy Bedouin fire, with a happy stomach and a bottle of wine?

To be honest, I was a bit worried that Bana, my daughter, would not blend in as she was, as least, four years younger than the youngest kid in the families. I was right, and wrong!

She did not really engage with the older kids despite the constant invitations she had from the beautiful Belgian girls, Anna, Lore, Noor and Kate. And I think that was due to the language barrier and, possibly, the Jordanian-Belgian height difference!

And I was wrong because there was nothing to worry about. She’d quickly found her way around. She was embraced by all and had a great time playing and engaging in long funny conversations with Ali, one of the Bedouin crew who were looking after us. Ali had such a child-friendly character and Bana made sure she’d fully make use of it.

It was a great evening. We enjoyed the company and the night camping. Next morning we all went on a jeep ride and trekked along a pleasant mountain trail in the southern area of Wadi Rum close to the border with Saudi Arabi. We even played bicycle polo in the Diseh mudflat!
The biggest challenge turned out to be convincing Bana to keep her shoes on!

Wadi Rum Jordan Family HolidaysWadi Rum Jordan Family Holidays

Wadi Rum Jordan Family HolidaysWadi Rum Jordan Family HolidaysDCIM100GOPROWadi Rum Jordan Family HolidaysWith Anna in Wadi Rum JordanWadi Rum Jordan Family Holidays
Wadi Rum Jordan Family Holidays


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