The Solitude of Mount Aaron – Petra Jordan

Mount Aaron summit in Petra Jordan

When you plan your holiday to Petra, make sure you plan multiple days for exploration as the site is huge and very intriguing.

Jebel Harun’s summit (1270m) is the highest in the Petra region. Few are those who make it up there, but those who do get blown away.

Probably, one of the best descriptions for the route to Jebel Harun was written by Edward Lear in 1858:

“Every step opened our fresh interest and beauty in the wild scenery, immense chasms, and vast views over strange boundless desert unfolded themselves at each turn of the winding path up the steep mountain;…the slow advance chills with a feeling of strange solitude the intruder into the loneliness of this bygone world.” –Edward Lear, en route to Jebel Harun. April 13 1858

View from summit of Mount Aaron in Petra Jordan

Here’s some  helpful logistical information if you ever plan to make this trip:

Enter Petra through the Siq, enjoy the magnificent Treasury monument and walk down towards the basin. Follow the track past the Roman Theater area and Pharaoh’s Column descending into Wadi Ras Suleiman and on towards the Snake Monument before curving back above it to a plateau near the Djinn Block. From here you continue your trek zigzaging paths and widing through cliffs to reach the summit of Jebel Haroun (Mount Aaron). The views here are legendary. The burial site of Moses’ brother Aaron is located on top. There is a little white mosque and shrine here and a very ancient tomb with Hebraic inscriptions.

From the Djinn Block the trek to the summit is approximately 7km rising 370m and takes 2.5 to 3 hours and same time to descend. So make sure you make your entrance to Petra early morning (the site opens at 6AM) as this whole experience will take a full day.

Walking to the summit of Mount Aaron in Petra Jordan

Aaron tomb at the summit in Petra Jordan

Aaron tomb shrine in Petra Jordan

Aaron tomb at the summit in Petra Jordan

Photos by Matthew Teller 



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