Jordan Holidays?

Why would you go to Jordan for your holidays?

Welcoming Jordan

Jordan Holidays? Why would you go to Jordan for your holidays?” my friends and family from North America and the UK asked.

Sometimes even a travel writer needs a holiday and I wanted to do a tour where everything was organized for me. I wanted to be looked after, but that didn’t answer “why Jordan.” I had to fabricate reasons that I’d read about: Petra—a 7th Wonder but also the backdrop to one of my favourite Indiana Jones scenes, oh, and Lawrence of Arabia at Wadi Rum and Aqaba, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, Bedouin, castles, camels, and falafels. I love falafels.

Now that I’ve mountain biked the holy land (fondly dubbed “the hilly land” by Jordanian bicycle guides) and hiked Dana nature preserve, inhaled my way through spices and perfumes at markets, flown in a hot air balloon above Wadi Rum, ridden a camel in the desert, a mule and a horse at Petra, and devoured falafels, humus, tahini, eggplant dips, and enough halva to choke my pancreas—I have another answer for my friends and family—I continue to travel to Jordan repeatedly because of the welcoming Jordanian people.

Jordan is one of the friendliest countries I’ve visited on the planet.

jordan spice man - photo by kirsten koza - resized


Story and photo by Kirsten Koza, author, adventurer, journalist


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