Unhappy yet very happy on Dana to Petra Trek!

Za’al was the name of our Jordanian Bedouin guide who led our Dana to Petra trekking route.
In Arabic, Za’al means upset or unhappy! What a name, ha?!

Contrary to his name, Za’al was one pleasant old man who, despite how little he had, seemed always happy and, heartily, looked after us for 5 days.
All along the trek, he had his donkey along with him and the special bond between them was obvious. The donkey’s name was “Happy”, or, to be precise, “Habby” as pronounced by Za’al.

“Unhappy” and Habby were one of the highlights of this fabulous tour in Jordan and this little video is a sweet memory.

Za'al: our Dana to Petra Trek Bedouin guide and his donkey


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