Cycling Jordan: ten things you won’t hear a cycling guide say in North America

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Cycling Jordan is an adventure of biblical proportions. Here are ten things you won’t hear a bicycling tour guide say in North America:

1. “That’s where Moses is buried.”

2. “We can stop for some coffee, or to smoke some sheesha if you want.”

3. “The wall your bicycle is leaning on was built around 600 AD. The tower is a mystery. They think maybe Stylites sat on it.”

4. “Slow down, so we don’t scare the baby camels. Have you ever tried camel milk?”

5. “When I was mountain biking in the desert last weekend, I found these ancient skulls inside a ruin.” (guide has image on his cell phone.)

6. “You can wear bike shorts. It’s good that people here get used to seeing women in the sporting attire of that sport.”

7. “That’s Lot’s wife.” (guide points to a pillar of rock) “She was told not to look back.”

8. “That’s where John the Baptist baptized Christ. We can go back and look if you’d like.”

9. “That’s where Herod had John the Baptist beheaded so Baptist’s head could be served to Salome on a platter. Let’s go have dinner. We’ll be having a platter of Maqlubah, upside down.”

10. “If you don’t get in the support vehicle, we won’t make it to the crusader castle before it closes.”

1/ Mt. Nebo 3/ Umm ar-Rasas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 7/ Dead Sea 8/ River Jordan 9/ Machaerus, locally called Qala’at al-Meshneq or Castle of the Gallows 10/ Karak. (This is just a tiny sample of Jordan sightseeing from part of my cycling trip.)

Cycling in Jordan. Got Milk?


post and photos by Kirsten Koza, author, adventurer, journalist


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