Lonely Planet Jordan

What Lonely Planet Has To Say About Jordan

“While Jordan may not be the first place that comes to mind when planning an […]

Jordan - Photo by Daniel Kreidlow

Local Customs – Do’s and Don’t for Travelers to Jordan

When you’re on holiday in Jordan you will notice that most Jordanians are exposed to other […]

Jordan Tour Guide goat

My “terhaal” with Terhaal

I started off my career as a tour guide not knowing exactly what was waiting […]

At Amman airport

Jordan is the best kept secret!

You know when you find all those months of putting leftover cash away for a […]

hot air balloon filling

Wadi Rum Hot Air Balloon

It’s early morning but that’s not why my normally exuberant group of fellow travellers is […]

jordan holidays - cycling main image - blog post 3 - photo by Kirsten Koza

Cycling Jordan: ten things you won’t hear a cycling guide say in North America

Cycling Jordan is an adventure of biblical proportions. Here are ten things you won’t hear a […]

A Wadi Rum Bedouin man petting a baby goat

Wadi Rum Jordan a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Wadi Rum, Jordan is 74,200 hectares of protected, spectacular, desert landscape, yet the desert isn’t […]

Welcoming Jordan

Jordan Holidays?

“Jordan Holidays? Why would you go to Jordan for your holidays?” my friends and family […]


Floating at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the surface of the earth (some 400m […]


Astonishing Wadi Rum

The first time I saw Wadi Rum, the magnificence made my brain halt and enjoy […]